Growing South Africa Through South Africans With Matsi Modise

Matsi Modise an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial activist. She has spirit and the can do attitude to change South Africa for the better.

She is the founder of Furaha Afrika Holding (Pty) Ltd, a Pan-African advisory company that focuses on enterprise and business development solutions.

I enjoyed putting Matsi on the spot – she was game on. We spoke about the the growth of job, the relevance of digital and its impact on employment,. The big challenge is the right education and upsklillong South Africans so that they stay relevant.

Brett had the best idea of all – what does sa stand for – what are we known for what does SA offer.

She is the past Managing Director of SiMODiSA. This is an industry association with the mission to accelerate entrepreneurship by collaborating with policy makers. The goal is to enhance the success rate of high impact, high growth entrepreneurs. She is the former National Executive Director of the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF).

She joins us with her Sidekick (or as she says sidechick) Haneefa Motani.