T:WTF 005 Colin Iles on the world of Innovation

Innovation is everything in a world of fast constant change. To get a better handle on this we sat down with Colin Iles, whose is a bit of a rockstar in the innovation space.


Fear The Future

Colin shares why you need to fear the future. Given that you do not know what’s coming, you cannot afford to be complacent. What we can say with certainly is that things are moving incredibly fast. And the most powerful way to manage the disruption is to create it rather than ignoring or reacting to it.
This conversation got Brett all excited about his old days at Google, where he shares his Google experience. He talks to us about why they are so petrified of the 2 person business. They worry about what it can do to their business model. Which makes sense when you consider that Google was a 2 man business at some stage.
What this means is that you need to keep innovating. Or as Colin says, lets forget about innovation and just call it what it is: Problem solving.

How To Win In The world of Innovation

We recorded this conversation at The Equinox in Sandton. Its an ABSA initiative to help clients innovate and help them b grow. Colin is the CEO and spend s a lot of him time advising the C-Suite on Innovation.
Click here to get more info about The Equinox?
You can also follow Colin on LinkedIn. He shares a lot of thinking around innovation and why you have to a Massive Transformational Purpose as an organisation.

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How Is Your Innovation Strategy Going?

Want a kick start on how to get your innovation moving in a world of fast constant change.

Fast Constant Change is the new normal. As soon as a new digital solution has been implemented it’s out of date. New disruption is coming. This is why we see new digital businesses like Uber deliberately disrupting themselves.

The big question is how do you manage this Fast Constant Pace of Change. Its hard, right? And you have to if you want to keep your customers happy and buying more from you in the future.

In this keynote The WTF team break down how to focus on the things that don’t change so that you can be constantly changing. Yep a bit of a paradox but its the best way to win in the digital economy.

What you will learn out of this keynote:

  • What are the things that don’t change in your business
  • How do you turn them into your competitive arrange
  • How do you out compete against competition that you can see
  • How to use digital disruption to digitally transform without breaking everything


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