T:WTF 019 – Joel Stransky on how AI is Redefining Recruitment

The Future of Work is a massive topic. Twitter abounds with crazy stats where about 45% of all jobs will be lost in the next 10 years. Who knows what the real number is and what the full impact will be thanks to the Gig Economy. But what happens when you put AI and Recruitment together? How will that disrupt things? 

Pivotal Capital Disrupting AI and Recruitment

But to get a better idea we spoke to Joel Stransky from Pivotal Talent (part of the Pivotal Group) about how they are redefining the recruitment industry using AI and recruitment!
What Joel and the team are doing is really helping companies pair up the right employees for the right jobs – and that is a good thing, right!
As an employer, you want to know that the person who you are employing is the best possible fit for the job. That they are competent, they have the capacity and the ability to grow into the job.

Happy Employees Is Profitable for a Business

As an employee, you want to know that you are being hired for the best job fit possible. Happiness is important, which is often defined by a job. It’s implied meaning and doing tasks within your abilities. Also that you have the capability to grow into.
AI allows this all to happen. This is early days for Joel and the team and the future looks very exciting.
What I find interesting is that this is redefining how recruitment is being done but it also creates a huge amount of efficiencies that a human cannot do. And this is a good thing.

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