T:WTF 009 – Nico Steyn on IoT, Why It’s Important, and Where It’s Going!

The Internet of Things. IoT for short. It can be a big buzz word but the implications of IoT as we evolve technically is huge.

Breaking Down The IoT Picture

We chat with Nico Steyn, the Founder, and CEO of IoT.nxt about IoT, where it is going and what it means. It’s a conversation, idea, and concept that you need to get your head around. And the sooner the better.

Today, no-one will be fired for NOT implementing IoT. This puts IoT into a certain perspective and how far we still have to go from here.

If you are wanting to get your head around this subject, this podcast is a great start. In it, we covered a wide range of areas; from edge computing, interoperability, big data, cloud, blockchain among many other areas.

An Agnostic, Interoperable IoT

Nico and his team have built IoT.nxt by focusing on a critical problem. They have built a framework that makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased revenue from IoT a reality for businesses.

Critical to Nico’s approach is the delivering an agnostic technical solution. This will overcome the challenge of connecting different devices or systems. This delivers on the on the interoperability and interconnectivity.

A WTF LiveCast

A Live Podcast that Explores how to do the future in front of a live audience. This was our first Livecast and we chose the world of IoT as its such a big topic that will be a massive focus going forward.

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T:WTF 002 – Practical Insight on Building an IoT Startup with Mark Allewell

No one has been fired for not implementing an IoT solution. That’s how new this technology and thinking really is. And it’s why we wanted to talk to Mark Allewell. He’s the founder and CEO of IoT business Sensor Networks.

Iot Is a big issue – especially for Brett who digs deep into using Googles IoT Core through our digital interventions. But he’s a geek. What I like about IoT is how it redesigning the way networked intelligence works and moving intelligence to the edge.

The Idea For Network Sensors

Mark for stumbled into the idea of what would become Sensor Networks while taking the time out to travel the world. Mark had sold off tourism Radio and needed a timeout and was travelling the world.

The idea behind Sensor Networks is to help insurance companies reduce risk, through smart sensors. Its a highly focused business and Mark is dogmatic about what he says no to. It was this attitude and approach to business that was really inspiring about this conversation.  

Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Brett and I love talking to entrepreneurs. Yet through these chats, we do see the difference between an entrepreneur who is truly enterprising and one who is just ticking over.. Mark is one of the former. He has taken his battle scars and turned them into real wisdom.

What was an unexpected outcome of this chat was the wisdom Mark shares a lot of his entrepreneurial experiences. He talks about the key lessons that he learned along the way, He expands on how he’s evolved into the IoT/Technology space.

Mark offers some very practical, solid advise around getting the business going, raising the cash to grow the business.

This is one of those good podcasts that Brett and I turned to each after said. Boom. That’s as a ripper.

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