Artificial Intelligence Drives Smarter CX

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the business-technology landscape. It’s not good enough to just have a strategy and plan to use AI in your business, it’s important about how well it is executed, what is the impact of AI on consumers, business and our way of life today and into the future.

Joe Fuster is Global Head of Customer Experience Cloud at Oracle.

The Futurology team bring us interviews from the CX (Customer Experience) Innovation & Tech Fest held in Johannesburg.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

Scaling CX Through Technology

Christelle Van de Merwe is the Global Director of Customer Innovation and Transformation at Mimecast. Prior to this, Christelle’s passion for CX originated at the University of Cape Town with a Bus Sci Degree in Marketing and then many years in the telco industry, including Cell C and Virgin Mobile.

The focus has been on translating the subjective concept of customer experience into a scientific, objective process by mapping the customer journey and providing scoring opportunities at each juncture. Her focus now is on optimisation and exploring different approaches to embrace Customer Success as an outcome.

In this podcast, we chat with Christelle van de Merwe, whose presentation was around scaling the customer experience through technology.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

Safer Cities And The Quality Of Experience

JP Horne has been on the forefront of public sector innovation within the public sector for the last 20 years.

His experience spans both spectrums of this sector, having serviced government while working for Microsoft and Oracle Corporation – as well as within the belly of the public-sector beast at the City of Cape Town.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

Welcome To Customer 5.0

Your customer has changed – and PwC Consultant, Mathew Cook talks to us about an idea he calls Customer 5.0 and what this means to you in today’s business environment.

Self-made thousandaire, Mathew Cook is a family man first and an experienced SAP Solution and Product Innovation Architect @ NGA, involved with cross domain, cross-functional, and cross-industry solutions. He likes long walks on the beach… when it rains.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

Banking & the World of Customer Experience

Roelia Malan, from FNB wants to live in a world filled with innovative people inventing extraordinary, and beautiful yet less complicated methods to perform day to day activities where ideas can be transformed into practical solutions in a blink of an eye.

As a banker with over 10 years’ experience, she has worked in the fields of marketing, sales, business operations and more recently customer experience for the biggest call centre at the most innovative bank in the world.

When she is not busy mapping customer journeys, she will find herself whipping up something in the kitchen or when there is more time wandering along the amazing golf courses that our beautiful country provides us with.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

Customer Experience & Social Media Monitoring

Nic Ray from BrandsEye talks to us about social media mentoring and how it relates to the customer experience. Nic is the Chief Marketing Officer of BrandsEye.

He is also a dad, a surfer and a keen, but unlucky fisherman. He cut his teeth in ad-land working at Ogilvy in South Africa and the UK. He then went on to be part of the founding leadership team that built and sold an African digital agency group (Quirk) to WPP. Today, he is helping grow BrandsEye into a global opinion mining business.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

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