T:WTF 001 – Welcome To The Think WTF Podcast

Welcome to the Think WTF Podcast. The above short podcast is a quick intro to the Think WTF Podcast. However, if you want to get a quick sense of the show I have summarised it up below.

We all know that everything has changed and that digital technology is the redefining force.

This change causes many of us great anxiety and frustration. We often get caught in what we call that WTF Moment – that’s when you sit back and say to yourself, “WTF Do I Do Now? Everything has changed! How do I thrive in this new digital world.”

It tough.

To help inspire your thinking and to shift you from where you are we talk to the rebels, the misfits, the change makers. We talk to the people who are poking the world and reshaping it. We explore whats the future and explore how we live, work and think about how the future is done.

We focus on the change that technology brings and how you can use it to Thrive!


The Future Financial Crisis

The team chats with maverick economist Prof. Steve Keen. Steve was one of the very few economists who predicted the 2008 financial crisis and has just written the book, Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis? (The Future of Capitalism).

The short answer is no, we can’t avoid another financial crisis. To understand this, we dig into why Professor Keen’s prediction goes against mainstream economists. We also look at how this crisis will hit South Africa and the current thinking on how to solve our current economic challenge.

You can find the book Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis? here.

More information and insights on Prof. Keen here.

Follow Steve on Twitter: @ProfSteveKeen

This show was originally published on the cliffcentral.com Futurology Page

AI, Data, Education & Robotics

Kicking off with some of the interviews from the Singularity University Summit, the team chats to David Roberts on what Exponential is all about – and how Ice disrupted the world.

They dig into AI and the world of data with Viviene Ming… she’s power and a ball of passionate inspiration. They also look at education with Sizwe Nxasana, CEO of RMB and is now passionately trying to solve Africa’s education.

This is followed by Sarah Berg Breiter and the world of Robotics (she likes the small ones – with good reason).

This show was originally published on the cliffcentral.com Futurology Page


How SA Got It Own Singularity Conference

Shane Mann made it happen. We are extremely excited to start our series from Singularity University, which was on 23-24 August. And wow, what an incredible show, where 1,300 South Africans were exposed to the 29 future thinkers from all over the planet.

The world is changing and these are the beautiful minds changing it. We had the privilege to interview most of these amazing people. To kick off the series off we spoke to Shayne Mann, who with his brother Mic Mann brought Singularity University to Africa. What an absolute gentleman and shapeshifter.

This show was originally published on the cliffcentral.com Futurology Page

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