Scaling CX Through Technology

Christelle Van de Merwe is the Global Director of Customer Innovation and Transformation at Mimecast. Prior to this, Christelle’s passion for CX originated at the University of Cape Town with a Bus Sci Degree in Marketing and then many years in the telco industry, including Cell C and Virgin Mobile.

The focus has been on translating the subjective concept of customer experience into a scientific, objective process by mapping the customer journey and providing scoring opportunities at each juncture. Her focus now is on optimisation and exploring different approaches to embrace Customer Success as an outcome.

In this podcast, we chat with Christelle van de Merwe, whose presentation was around scaling the customer experience through technology.

This show was originally published on the Futurology Page

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Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen is the CEO of WTF and co-host on the ThinkWTF Podcast. I focus on helping business build systems where their people thrive. You can book my keynotes on WTF Keynotes

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