T:WTF 011 – Tricia Martinez and the first zero-fee money app

Digital Currencies in Emerging Markets for the Underserved

Access to digital currencies is a real issue! Too many people have suffered the lack of financial inclusion. This is due to high costs and limited infrastructure. In fact, the number is close to 3.5 billion consumers unbanked and underserved. This is the financial problem that Tricia Martinez and her team at Wala are trying to solve.

A Bit More About Tricia

She is a serial entrepreneur and behavioral economist. Solving this problem is the focus of her work and life’s mission. After moving from the US to work in Barclays Rise, she moved to Cape Town. As Tricia explains, in this interview it was a brilliant move and she is helping her win in solving this problem. Digital Currencies in Emerging Markets for the Underserved.  This is an important topic? Half the world’s population still operates outside the formal financial system. A number that is too high, thanks to high cost and limited accessibility.

How Is Wala Solving The Digital Currencies Challenge?

Talking Digital Currencies on the WTF #ThinkDigital Podcast
Tricia Martinez from Wala with the #WTF #ThinkDigital Podcast team: @Brett_StClair & @michael_cowen

Tricia and her team use the best of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and tokenization. By creating Walla, Tricia and her team launched the Dalla token.  We all know how high the financial costs can be. We also know how much of a pain it can be.

This can be from the actual cost of accessing products and services; to deposit fees, or withdrawal fees, and payment fees. We have all felt this pain.  The bottom line is that anything a consumer wants to do and finance, they pay for it. This disincentivized participation in the system.

When Tricia and her team looked at this problem, they decided to create a platform that bridges that gap. Wala works between a bank and a consumer. To get a better understanding – in Tricia’s own words – listen up! Tricia goes into much more detail in the podcasts. And once you have finished you can find more info about Wala on their website or follow them on Twitter.

The WTF #ThinkDigital Podcast spent two days interviewing many of the groundbreaking speakers at the Blockchain Africa Conference (#BAC18). The big topic was inter-operability and how the blockchain is maturing.


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Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

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