Have you ever sat back back and asked yourself:


Technology has changed everything!

How Do I Thrive In This New Digital Economy?

How do I grow my business, inspire my team and adapt to a new digital way of doing?

It’s a question we get asked everyday at WTF. It’s why we created The WTF Digital Intervention. And it’s how we help you thrive!

We all know that the way we solved problems yesterday is no longer relevant for today, let alone tomorrow.

We created the WTF Digital Intervention to to help and guide you through a practical framework to update the outdated rulebook!


On The Things That Don’t Change

FEDEX solves the same customer problem as the old pony express – getting a parcel between two points quickly and safely. By focusing on the customer problems that wont change  over the next 10 years, you will build a foundation that will be hard to disrupt.


The Things That Change

Customers want old problems solved in new ways using digital technology. They want things done faster, cheaper, and more efficient, or differently. Managing this fast constant change is  easier when we have a clear focus and stable foundation to focus on.


Your Ability To Change

Technology has changed how we work, how we scale our business and the way we innovate around our customers core problems. Like a heavy smoker trying to break a well ingrained habit, many people and business are struggling to adapt to new ways of doing things. New skills and work habits are needed.


of the WTF Intervention

Whether you just need a bit of inspiration, the quick win to help you shift people’s thinking or a deep dive, we can help facilitate through the following solutions:

This keynote brings together the WTF Digital Intervention framework into an inspiring overview. It is designed as a headline keynote to show you what’s possible, an approach that’s ground in practical sense and methodology to thrive in a digital economy.

The keynote series expands on the WTF Digital Intervention framework and delivers a structured series of keynotes. Each looks at the different element in detail and is designed to help you and your team’s shift your thinking around growth.

If you need a kick start to digital transformation we offer a consulting program that is designed around the WTF Digital Intervention framework. We will work with you and your teams to get things moving.

We are very selective who we work with. Like yours, our time is valuable and we want to have a real impact and work with business that are serious about mastering their digital transformation.  


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