T:WTF 010 – Lorien Gamaroff – Bitcoin Guru and Centbee Founder

You know the podcast has been good when the guest is the MC and is late for his own party! That was Lorien Gamaroff a Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallet expert!

And boy did Brett and I laugh!

But What Makes Our Bitcoin Local Boy Not So Local?

Chatting with Lorien was a fountain of insight and info. By his own admission, he focuses on the crypto side of things. Why? Well, the idea that no central bank can control, manipulate and corrupt the currency is too big to ignore.

I agree. But Why?

Money is central to everything that we do. It is the oil that drives our economies. It is the current fuel that drives the economic growth. And it is the level that our governments use to control Monetary Policy.

You change how money work and the motivation behind money, and you change everything. As Monica Singer says; capitalism is defined by a ledger. And it’s why Andrew Keys says that the Blockchain will change everything.

A Few Lindens for A Few Bitcoin

Lorien shares a wonderful story about how he got hooked with his first bitcoin – when it was still less than a dollar. He built some solutions on Second Life. This earned him some Lindens and he had to go through a virtual adventure to swop them for Bitcoin. Go listen for more on this :).

The World’s Most Awesome Bitcoin Wallet

Lorien wanted to build the Bitcoin Wallet that he would want to use and founded @CentbeeWallet..

The core idea behind @CentbeeWallet Bring Bitcoin to Africa. It looks at moving the very real issue of remittance for African Markets and operates as a mobile money. It has some integrated features like gift card purchases.

Whats great is that @Centbee maintains an open-source Bitcoin Cash merchant payment system. This is for brick and mortar retailers.

How Satoshi Invested In The The Most Awesome Bitcoin Wallet!

Lorien also talks about the August split between Bitcoin core (the mainstream) – which is the BTC that you trade – and Bitcoin Cash. He’s behind Bitcoin Cash – which makes him a bit of a contrarian.

Lorien shares how he gets Craig Wright as an investor. Craig Wright, an Australian, came out a few years ago claiming to Satoshi. Of course, there are many who don’t believe this.

The Austrian School of Economics

Lorien also digs into the speculative nature of Bitcoin. He breaks down what it means and the economic model that it’s following. He shared a fascinating story about an Economist Cover story. It foretells a new currency in 2018.

Here is an image of the Economist Cover.

The blockchain use case vs the business case.

Lorien digs into the difference between use case √s the business case. This is a very important point and something to be considered. Lorien shares his reason why he sees digital currency as the most important element of the blockchain.

Something to ponder on!

The Blockchain Africa Conference

Blockchain Africa Conference
Blockchain Africa Conference

The WTF #ThinkDigital Podcast spent two days interviewing many of the groundbreaking speakers at the Blockchain Africa Conference (#BAC18). The big topic was inter-operability and how the blockchain is maturing.

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