T:WTF 017 – Nomad Now and The World of Freelancing

What do you do when you run a successful permanent staff recruitment that does not place freelancers? Well, you go digital and launch a Freelance Portal called Nomad Now. You connect your traditional customers with thousands of highly qualified freelancers.

And you then throw so much value at the equation that it is a no-brainer for both parties to jump in and use the platform.

This is what Ross Paton, founder, and CEO of Paton Personal did, with his Nomad Now co-founder Christel Bezou.

The Power of Freelance Platforms

Nomad Now real power lies in connecting people quickly and cheaply to solve real problems.

From a clients perspective, they are able to log in and find qualified freelancers. These are people who the necessary experience to get things done and to support the business.

The freelancer gets the benefit of simplification, no procurement process, and complex administration issues. They also get to focus more time on paid work. Ross says that they have currently in excess of 1600 freelancers. Clearly, the value is seen by freelancers.

The idea is still very new for many clients. To help drive this, Ross and the team are pushing very hard on educating their clients.

Sexy Front End – Heavy Duty Backend

What Ross and Hugo do share with us is hard work that has gone into the back end of the platform. A sexy front end is pretty useless without a strong, functional engine. Nomad Now is built with a very strong backend. It is key to connect the right freelancer to the right client. This is why a very strong search function has been built into the back end.

Its all about Freelancer Trust

The key to Nomad Now’s success of this is Trust. The client needs to know that the freelancer can delivery on whats required and promised. The Freelancer also need to trust that client will be fair, pay on time and not move the goal posts and scope creep (which always seems to happen!).

Built within the platform is the rating system. Both parties are rated. And its important as both parties need to have confidence in each other and to trust the mechanics.

The Collaboration of Freelancers

Ross and Hugo also explained the power of the Nomad Now freelancer team. So, let’s say that I am a freelancer specialising in digital strategy. I can now pull together a virtual team that will allow me to deliver on the bigger project. I can get a project manager, a web designer, a social media specialist, a content expert and so on. Each team member is on the platform but we operate as a unit.

It’s an interesting idea and it will be worth seeing how it develops.

The Future is Freelance

The Nomad Now platform offers the best of both worlds. It is disrupting a traditional business and redefining the recruitment industry.

For more info on the platform, please go visit the website at Nomad Now.

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