Regulation, Blockchain and Smart Contracts – with Nerushka Bowan

Nerushka Bowan is the summary of how the world has changed. As a trained laywer, she brings a fresh, practical experience to the world of emerging technology. She focuses on technology, law and a new way of doing things.
She has a strong focus on education and helping people understand the current shifts. Nerushka lectures on Blockchain for the Blockchain Academy. The current courses are evolving as fast of the Blockchain. Nerushka outlines how they are working on developing the depth of her area of focus.
Nerushka has recently launched a new created approach called L.I.T.T. This stands for law, innovation, technology and tomorrow. And thats about sums up the focus of this conversation.
I enjoyed digging to smart contracts and how they look going forward. A smart contract is a piece of self executing code that sits on top of the blockchain. And, as we know, this is still early stages technology and there is a lot will happen going forward.
We chat about how the legal fraternity is changing and the challenges that they are facing. The big challenge is law firms charge by the hour – most of which can be automated through new technology and AI. The model has to move to a value based approach. It’s a bigger picture than blockchain.