The rules keep changing. Whatever worked in the past will no longer work and we have to continually find new ways of doing. Brett and Michael’s keynotes are based on real experience and are designed to inspire and shift your thinking.


Michael Cowen

Have you ever sat back back and asked yourself: /“WTF do I do now? Technology has changed everything!”


Sometimes I think my entire life has been a WTF Moment. Technology has always redefined how we live and work. And as I settle into one way of doing, digital tech comes and changes how we do things.


I love change. I love looking at the way we have done things and how we can be doing things in a better way.


But the hard side of change is that it disrupts, causing anxiety and uncertainty. It redefines how we need to live and work.  


I have started 4 business, each using technology in a different way. I was the advisory director at Deloitte Digital and Digital Media Lead for Mindshare.


I have learnt through hard experience and I look at how we shift our thinking to solve real challenges in a digital economy. I share these lessons, failures and successes as a Speaker, Trainer and Co-host on The Think WTF (What’s The Future) Podcast.   


Brett St Clair

Is your company ready to compete with global digital giants?


Not yet?


Well then meet Brett StClair, Ex-Googler turned digital banker and now CEO of Siatik who will build the relevant solutions needed to scale your business and then some.


With a curriculum canon that spans 2 decades of launching and growing business entities across the continent, Brett is now sharing his lessons, failures and successes as an International Speaker, Trainer and Co-host on WTF (What’s The Future) Podcast


Brett has helped bring Silicon Valley to the likes of Africa, Greece and Israel while managing Android, Youtube, Google Display and Google’s Cloud Computing.


His adrenaline-charged keynotes will inspire action and land the digital exponential growth narrative for the tech savvy as well as the tech virgins.  


Have you ever sat back back and asked yourself: “WTF do I do now? Technology has changed everything!”


We are sure you (and your staff) have. Every day very smart people talk to us about the uncertainty and the pressure that technology has created in their lives. They ask us questions like:


  • How do I manage this disruption that is flying at me like a steam train?  
  • How do I digitally transform and innovate when I cannot even see who or what is coming at me?
  • How do I survive – let alone stay in the game?  
  • How do even know that I am making the right decisions, and taking the right actions!


We all have these ‘WTF Moments’ where we don’t know how we are going to do it and the only real question that you have to ask yourself is:


“Am I going to win or will the disruption win? How do I turn this WTF Moments in real opportunities.? How do I think digitally and solve my customers real problems?”


This keynote breaks down how to thrive and win in today’s digitally economy.

Digital Disruption is everywhere. Digital Technology is past the tipping point and now has brought with it Fast Constant Change. This brings with it  a new digital business model and a new way of doing things.


To compete you need to understand what this business model look like and how they operate. Brett 10 years of experience working in Silicon valley businesses across Africa he shares this key insight.


Finally the only way to remain relevant to your customers ever changing needs you need to begin to innovate, in the final step Brett suggests some new ways of working that need focus during your digital transformation journey. Brett’s insight after rebuilding Barclays Africa’s Digital business means he has real life examples of what goes tight and more importantly what has Failed

Everything in Capitalism is built on a ledger. And this is why the blockchain will disrupt everything.


But do you need to worry about blockchain and do you need to rush out and implement a blockchain strategy and solution.


The technology is evolving at breakneck speed and the applications are diverse and mind-blowing. But that does not mean you need to implement a blockchain solution. In fact there may be a very compelling reason why you shouldn’t.


In this keynote we break down:

  • What blockchain is
  • Why it will disrupt everything
  • Where blockchain is currently and its next evolution
  • Insight into whether or not you need blockchain or not

Organisations in the past were created to manage costs like the cost of managing thousands of contracts with human resources, licences, physical resources, etc; manage the cost of organising all the teams at scale, the costs of establishing trust, etc.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows immutable records like contracts to exist, this means instead of relying on intermediaries to manage a transaction and establish trust through paper work or even electronic records we now have a secure transparent technology that cannot be changed therefore creating trust.


In this keynote we will explore why business like Banks, Google, Facebook and Uber who are intermediaries for payments, information, personal information and transport will be disrupted by trust companies operating secure transparent blockchain solutions.

Famously quoted by Andrew Keyes one of the founders of Consensus “Blockchain is on the same timeline as the internet in 1996”

50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. 7 times more than humans on planet earth.


What is driving this trend, why are we seeing this explosion and what industries will be impacted by these sensors? Will they just measure or will we see actionable insight, will they start doing instead of listening? Cloud and massive compute combined with 5G will cause this trend to move quicker every second of every day.


What you can expect to learn from this keynote:

  1. Understand why IoT is exploding
  2. Understand which industries as seeing the greatest benefit
  3. What other trends will accelerate because of IoT
  4. How does your business benefit from IoT
  5. How does this impact our everyday lives

Singularity will happen in 2045 estimated by futurist Ray Kurzweil; what this means is that Artificial beings will overtake humans in brain power, strength and agility. They will be a better, stronger species than the human race who will be able to reproduce faster and more.


This is being driven by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. So how did we get here? What trends are accelerating this exponential technology? How do we in our everyday lives experience AI or Robotics?


Will this be good or bad for humanity? What will the Future robot look like?


Really like a humanoid or will it look like a massive network of connected devices. This keynote will help you understand the future and take action in your business and working day

How to you use the pace Fast Constant Change to scale your business? How do you manage the unexpected and unseen competition that is growing at scale. How do you manage customers that are demanding a new way of solving their problems as technology evolves?


How do you enable your business to scale. How do you do more with less? How do you re-organize your business to grow exponentially? How do you meet the needs of the new economy?


This Keynote will help you build a business that can grow exponentially, that’s double every 18 months.

Fast Constant Change is the new normal. As soon as a new digital solution has been implemented its out of date. New disruption is coming. This is why we see new digital businesses like Uber deliberately disrupting themselves.


The big question is how do you manage this Fast Constant Pace of Change. Its hard, right? And you have to if you want to keep your customers happy and buying more from you in the future.


In this keynote The WTF team break down how to focus on the things that don’t change so that you can be constantly changing. Yep a bit of a paradox but its the best way to win in the digital economy.


What you will learn out of this keynote:

  • What are the things that don’t change in your business
  • How do you turn them into your competitive arrange
  • How do you out compete against competition that you can see
  • How to use digital disruption to digitally transform without breaking everything

How To Compete In The Digital Economy  


Products are now racing to Zero Cost. Work is being redefined through the networking effect with tasks now replace time. The transformational power of exponential technologies will start forcing automation. And trust is now wrapped up into a cryptographic algorithm.


Our economic framework is being redefined and our business models have substantially changed.  

But what does that mean to you? How does this deep, systemic change how you compete and grow your business in a digital economy. This keynote will show you how

All businesses are now digital businesses, if you were to rebuild your business today you would build it as a digital business. Why is Cloud computing the backbone to building highly scalable businesses? How does unlimited compute allow you to make rapid decisions across your organisation?

Speed to market means making sure you have systems ready in minutes no longer can you plan months. How do you begin making the transformation and how do you future proof your technology decision to cater for constantly changing technologies?

We live in a world of constant fast change so how do you change how you work and what tools you use to transform your business to a digital business

The show host did not show up. But no problem. Brett and Michael hosted their first Futurology show on CliffCentral as guests. The show host got stuck and was not able to make it to the studio.


But why did these two digital media buffs double down on podcasting when this unique, accidental opportunity arose?

Podcasting is the future of content. Sure reading articles and watching videos  is important, but in today’s world of information overload how does one multitask.


This is a story about how the WTF team are using podcasts to change their approach to knowledge and communication.


You too can leverage Global and local distribution platforms to share your views and insight both to a public audience or your own regional teams, the timing to scale can’t be better than now.



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