The Privacy, Big Data Issue – With Kelvin Jonck

The manipulation of data is a global issue right now. We are seeing crazy stuff happening – from fake news, to twitter bots all the way to the manipulation of the American elections.

To get a better handle on this we spoke to Kelvin Jonck from YouKnow. He set up his agency with view to understand data better and help brands make better decisions from that data.

He has several social media tools that he offers to his clients and has been on the edge of many of the changes that are happening.

Recently Crimson Hexigon – one of the products he supports and licences to clients – was accused of abuse by a 3rd party and Facebook dug into the platform. The good news is that it came out better and stronger than before.

There is a lot to discuss about the future of privacy, trust and the manipulation of data in the coming years as we grapple with the idea.

We would love to know your thoughts about where you see it going? Leave us a comment below.