The Challenge of Disruption And Your Ability To Transform

The objective of any business is to turn a healthy profit through a sustainable operational platform. This can only come from finding new customers and keeping them by delivering a frictionless customer experience!

What’s Stoping Your Existing Customers Becoming Someone’s New Customer?

Emerging technologies and new business models are disrupting market leaders and reconfigure markets at an unprecedented pace and scale. Yet, by tapping into the underlying forces behind this change opens new growth opportunities for your company?

This transformation is a journey something that you have to go trough, and some of the critical challenges include:

  • Protecting, and harvesting, the core traditional business that enabled you to lead the market.
  • Identifying and building new revenue streams from existing, and new customers. that does not compromise your core revenue engine.
  • Utilising the core human skills and business resources to build a new engine, in a way that the “human immune system”, or legacy way of doing, does not compromise your future sustainability.
  • Enabling the re-skilling, up-skill and skills transfer of your staff, where they feel comfortable with a fast constant pace of change – specifically your more longer-serving staff.

Taking Your Staff Through The Transformation Journey

The real digital transformation challenge is not your technology

A digital transformation strategy isn’t something you say. It’s something you do. It’s something that’s driven through your staff, and their ability to change how they work, and how they solve your customers future problems.

This requires that you take your staff on a digital transformation journey. It’s a journey that helps them understand why they need to change, where the change is going and how they will need to up-skill and re-skill themselves for the future business. By enabling your staff  to find ways to take advantage of their unique capabilities, while leveraging Nashua’s broader capacities and capabilities. 

The transformation journey needs to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Understanding Why: With understanding comes the willingness and ability to change, to adapt and redefine how you need to work and deliver on an actionable transformation strategy   
  • Entrepreneurial Energy: Large organisations need to become more agile, operating like a startup where a deeper understanding of a product-market fit allows your organisational growth to accelerate.   
  • Focus on The Focus: Transformation brings many distractions and it’s easy to get caught up in the wrong actions. A clear understanding of the transformation strategy, with a clear vision on what needs to be delivered will enable you to scale into your future business model.    
  • Curiosity: In a world defined by Fast Constant Change, the only way to adapt is through curiosity and a willingness to ask “stupid” questions, without being emotionally attached to predefined outcomes. 
  • Managing the Trough of Uncertainty: Change – and transformation – brings uncertainty. Your staff need to develop the ability to walk through this the uncertainly it brings, while knowing that the future is not guaranteed.    

The 1% Transformation Journey Program

Digital disruption brings big change. It can be overwhelming and often we feel we have to fight big change with big actions. But what would happen if you improved everything in your organisation by 1% every day? The day-to-day change of doing this is small, yet over the course of 365 days, you will be 37 times better by the time you’re done. The opposite is also true. Doing 1% less over the full year, you will decline to nearly zero.     

The 1% Transformation Journey Program

Change before you need to or you’ll adapt too late.

To develop a digital transformation journey program, we would need to understand the current digital transformation strategy and the desired journey that the staff would need to go through. Outlined below is the four step process to qualify, design and implement the Staff Transformation Journey 

Staff Transformation Journey

One: Executive Insights Immersion

3 Hour Executive Session

To understand the current transformation journey and the current core business and the future desired state, a 3 hour executive session needs to be run. The objective of this session will look at three core areas within the context of current and future business:

  1. How do you create value and find more customers    
  2. How do you deliver value 
  3. How do you capture value to keep your customers 

Two: Departmental Insights Immersion

Departmental Interviews

To qualify the impact of digital disruption and the outlined transformation journey, interviews need to to conducted with the different departmental heads, key managers and staff to understand the current state and desired future state. This will enable us to design a program that will be relevant to all staff members. 

Three: Program Design and Sign Off

Design Phase

The ability and responsibility to transform is an internal, company wide initiative. Based on the above, a program will be designed that takes the staff through the transformational journey. The objective is to contextualise the journey by looking at:

  • Current state of digital transformation within Nashua and the desired future state
  • The impact of digital disruption and how Nashua is approaching it. This will be cross referenced with current trends and the impact of exponential technologies, both directly and indirectly.
  • Actionable insights that staff can take directly from the program and implement within the context of their departments with the view of becoming more comfortable with change.

Four: Program Implementation


Program Implementation as per design phase

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