TWTF 30 – Blockchain Deep Dive – With Aatish Ramkaran

We carry on the deep dive into Blockchain with Aatish Ramkaran. Aatish is the blockchain lead for Nedbank, co-founder of Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa and beard enthusiast!

Aatish has been making waves in the Blockchain space. He gave an excellent keynote at the Blockchain Africa Conference and has been very busy with his recent Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA).

BECSA was formed in March 2018 and serves as a destination for those interested in learning about all things blockchain related; from DLTs, to Hyperledger, to cryptocurrency.

Of course we dig into all sorts of things. We start with the ICO conversation. Aatish has a unique perspective on this as an ex JSE employee for 7 years. He shares the BECSA vision and why he feels that its important.

The was a fun chat that made the conversation flow a lot easier. Enjoy

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